Inside Plant

Equipment and Data Cabling EF&I Services

Equipment Systems

There are a myriad of equipment platforms on the market today that can satisfy your network needs. Vetting and verifying the proper equipment system is critical to the success of the network. Velocity has the capability and expertise to deploy and integrate your equipment into the field as well as the ability to develop an installation scheme which will maximize your existing space limitations, and physical constraints of the power and cooling systems.

  • Rack and stacking equipment
    • Cisco
    • Nokia
    • Arris
    • Juniper
    • Dell
    • Ciena
    • Harmonic
    • Arista
    • Arris/CommScope
    • Maxnet and Signal ON
  • Equipment balancing and optimization

Structure Cabling Systems

Provide the cabling infrastructure which will deliver predictable performance. Velocity is well versed in providing the flexibility to accommodate moves, adds and changes; maximizing system availability, providing redundancy and future usability of the cabling system.

  • CAT5-CAT8 plenum and riser rated cabling
  • PoE systems
  • Cable termination, testing and certification
  • Provide permitting for installations

Fiber Cabling Systems

Provide a reliable and cost effective backbone for network connectivity with a wide range of applications. Whether you are needing 1G connectivity or 100G connectivity, fiber cabling systems have the flexibility to deliver. Our installation staff can perform and implement all facets of fiber installation, terminating and testing procedures that will ensure the connectivity of your Network.

  • SM, 62.5 MM and 50 micron MM riser, plenum and armored fiber
  • Fusion splicing
    • Single stranded fiber
    • Ribbon fiber
    • Poli-mods
  • OTDR testing and troubleshooting

Coax Cabling Systems

Enable Cable and Telecom providers with the ability to deliver their content over a flexible cabling platform with predictable performance. Velocity’s extensive experience with coax cabling systems allows Velocity to provide the most cutting edge EF&I services within the industry today.

  • Installation, termination and testing of 75ohm and 50ohm coax cabling
  • 75 ohm DSAM testing
  • 50 ohm Sweep testing
  • Testing and equalizing of CATV systems

DC Power and Ground EF&I Services

DC power systems provide reliable clean power 24x7x365 and is an essential part of the infrastructure that creates the network that provides the connectivity for all. These systems provide the insurance to recover from the unexpected and ensure the green lights stay green. Velocity offers “Turn-Key” DC power and grounding engineering and installation services that ensure our client’s networks have the reliability to literally weather the storm.

DC Plant Systems

Our long standing relationship with DC power system manufacturers ensure that our installation crews have the most up to date training and certifications to provide a seamless install of DC plants, BDFB’s, rectifiers, Inverters, and FAPs.

  • Emerson
  • Alpha
  • GE
  • Veritiv
  • Telect

DC Battery Systems

Batteries systems are paramount to an effective DC power system. Whether your site requires -12v or -2V battery systems, Velocity can provide a complete Battery system that compliments your DC plants.

  • Outdoor battery enclosures
  • Battery rack
  • Battery termination bars (BTB)
  • -12V Battery systems
  • -2V battery systems

Power Cable Systems

DC power cabling is the backbone of every DC power system. Velocity engineer’s work with our clients to develop a DC power cabling scheme that will deliver the power and amperage needed by today’s DC powered equipment.

  • 750MCM to 14awg power cabling
  • THHN, RHH and L2 power cabling

Ground Cable Systems

An effective grounding system is essential to ensure all network equipment is protected from power surges, both man made as well as those generated by Mother Nature. From the grounding ring to the ground bars in equipment cabinets, Velocity will engineer and install a grounding system that will allow your equipment’s ability to withstand power surges.

  • Ground rings
  • Main ground bar (MGB)
  • Auxiliary ground bar (AGB)
  • Aisle grounds
  • Vertical ground bar

Infrastructure Engineering and Installation

Installation of Cabinets & Relay Racks to Zone 4 Compliance

Racks and Enclosures form the primary structure of an installation, and provide the “frame” to support electronic equipment, power, cooling, and cable management. Velocity can provide a wide variety of cabinets and relay racks to fit your specific needs.

  • Rack and stacking equipment
  • 4-post cabinets
  • 2-post relay racks
  • Fiber racks and assemblies
  • Zone 4 seismic compliance
  • Isolation and grounding

Installation of Fiber Duct & Support Accessories

The successful integration and implementation of a fiber duct system is paramount to ensuring that your fiber is safe and secure. Designing and planning a Fiber duct system is a complex task that involves many engineering decisions. Velocity has the ability to engineer, furnish and install a diverse fiber duct pathway. Whether your system needs to be upgraded for capacity or an entirely new system needs to be installed, we have the knowledge and experience to ensure your fiber is safe and secure.

  • 2” to 24” fiber duct systems
  • Vertical slotted duct
  • Express downspouts

Installation of Ladder Rack & Support Accessories

Understanding the importance of an efficient and structurally sound ladder rack system will provide for years of future cable management capacity and growth. Velocity is specifically positioned with our suppliers to implement a system that will provide the flexibility to handle all of your cable management needs.

  • 5” to 36” wide black, Telecom gray and Gold Chromate ladder rack
  • Ladder rack waterfalls
  • Aux-bar infrastructure