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OSP equipment and cabling EF&I Services and integration

There are a myriad of equipment platforms on the market today that can satisfy your network needs.

Vetting and verifying the proper equipment system is critical to the success of the network. Velocity has the capability and expertise to deploy and integrate your equipment into the field.

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Providing full spectrum surveying of client provided designs for optical Nodes installation

  • Identifying and documenting existing equipment
  • Verify levels set by client
  • Confirm Coax cable pathways both Aerial and underground
  • Verify powering equipment and levels
  • Verify fiber type and pathways both Aerial and underground
  • Identify and document potential obstacles for engineering review

Optical Node installation and Optimization

  • Node
  • Arris
  • Aurora
  • Harmonic
  • Scientific Atlanta
  • BTD’s, Mini Bridger’s, line extender, amplifiers
  • RFOG installation and activation
  • New build installation and activation

Fiber Cabling Systems

  • Fiber Audits
  • Verify pathways
  • Fusion splice
  • OTDR testing and troubleshooting

Power and Grounding Systems

  • Installation of AC 60V-90V platforms
  • Grounding
  • Power and grounding Audits

Headend Support

  • Node lash up and testing
  • Optimization and upgrades
  • Monitoring Node Health during cutovers

Coax Cabling Systems

  • Verify pathways
  • Splicing
  • Balancing of forward and Return for Plant optimization
  • Locating and TDR testing
  • DSAM testing and troubleshooting

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